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So, what makes the chips so great? 

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We use only Wisconsin-grown russet potatoes. Russets are more difficult to fry properly, but the reward is a chip with a complex flavor you simply won't get from mass-market potato chips.

Our potatoes come from Okray Family Farms, a fourth generation family farm in Plover, WI. Okray Family Farms is committed to sustainable agriculture, and we are proud to call them our partners. Learn more about Okray Family Farms on their website.


We use only 100% heart-healthy canola oil. Canola oil has 0g trans fat, and is widely recognized as a healthier alternative to other frying oils. Thanks to its mild flavor, canola oil lets the potato be the flavor centerpiece!

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We use a proprietary blend of seasoning to highlight the natural flavor of the russet potato. Try it, and we're sure you'll agree: These might just be the best potato chips in the world!

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